Theory of Pat

Tiger Dragon – Chaos

Me, Myself and I.

The Theory of Pat is a gradual process which will expand as we work out the mysteries of our

  • past,
  • present and
  • future.

War Between Control and Chaos  

We learn to identify warning signs of impending doom…that dreaded hot-button hit, where we come face to face with the war between:

Where we choose between listening to our warning system which consists of an ever-growing personification of Control or dive headlong into the territory of “Hey, Watch This…”



General Kala’s the 

Named after the character on the old Science fiction movie, Flash Gordon.

Emperor’s Ming’s rignt-hand man.  The Cat-O-Nine Tail wielding bureaucratic beauty.  Ruthless and cold-hearted, she possessed no merciless streak.

Survival strategies for everyone involved, internally and externally and 3 blocks away:
If found, your asses are screwed

Faces of Control

Our inner police force has many faces that range in intensity from General Kala, (described above as the worst of the worst), to our more kinder, relaxed natural  state of control we refer to as Mother because we are our own Mother.  Control has one job and that is to ensure our survival moment to moment.  How she goes about this is yet a mystery.

In the nutshell, we are here to practice how to navigate our own impulsive and irrational thoughts so we may help other shadows defend against those who work to exploit weakness.

You may imagine the job of Chaos is a never ending search for mischief.

  • Chaos is easy, ‘yes’ default answer
  • Chaos is unrelentingly curious, inquisitive
  • Chaos is dangerous to the Self is a collection of skills, knowledge, ingenuity, creativity and illustrator with a parade of peanut gallery characters operating our brain. 

Theory of Pat is where we let loose our control in favor of chaos to reign free, guided by virtues of growth, to pontificate, reveal, ridicule and speak our mind unrestrained for the greater understanding of our self and recognize 

  • Inner booby traps we set up to fall upon when we fail
  • Twisted logic to justify believing the incredulous
  • Salivating for favorite foods when irritated

Ask yourself, “Hey, what’s going on?  What’s wrong?’

What better way to talk with your self than envisioning a character with which to speak and reason.

One tecnique we use is to visit our child self as an adult to explain troubling memories as they arise and resolve.

  • Conversation,
  • Negotiation, and
  • Examination – re-examination
  • Debate
  • Resolution

This is We today: