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Emergency Checklist – Realistic

When the subject of Emergency Preparedness comes up, the usual suspects trot out a plethora of advice on how to survive the upcoming and ever-looming threat of anhiliation: Thousands of government and private agencies claim to be on the ready, just waiting...

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Speech 3-D Thinking


What is 3-D Thinking? Critical thinking is 3-D thinking.  Critical not in the sense of movie critics and bad reviews.  Critical thinking happens when you question your own positions and beliefs on issues and events. Most of the time we operate on...

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Activities for the Fall Harvest Season – Speech

Fall activities corn maze
halloween costumes
Cornucopia with Jack O lantern
Rake and play leaves
Mind map halloween harvest
Store front Pumpkin spice
Summer Fun
Football tail gate parties
Hall treats
Winter storm woes

Hilarity Harvest Our 5 to 7 minute contribution to the Hilarity Harvest No-Contest Toastmaster affair back in October 30, 2018. For this speech, we researched to find a few of the more common activities people partake in the fall/Halloween season. Then we...

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What Is Funny – Speech


Philosophy of Funny, aka Humor Gets a Bad Rap When people are asked what’s important in their lives, they often mention humor. Sense of humor nears the top of the most wanted traits couples want most in a partner. Since ancient times,...

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Robots to Serve Man

You never know when or where the funny bone will strike, so keep your notebook close and pen handy.  This joke occurred to me while watching Rise of the Robots on Netflix. notice the effect of the 3-part speech or triangle applies to...

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Bear Bait

This is the story of our little toy poodle named Puppy and how she became known as Bear Bait. In the year 1988 we purchased a camper van fully contained and we hit the road running. Around the same time we bought...

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