What Is Leadership?

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Is leadership genetic?

Could the spiral of the Double helix result from a constant struggle tween Left and Right?

as in Survival vs Chaos at a cellular level.

We attract that which supports our interests and instincts. That behavior created all the races and unique features in the first place. Go look it up.

Mothers, (Grandmothers, Matchmakers, busybodies, experts) choose to merge their being with the male whose qualities give their offspring the best odds for survival.

Does environment make a difference?
Do genetics make a difference
Does lived experience make a difference
Do interests and lifestyle make a difference?
Does money make a difference?

What is leadership?

Toastmasters makes Leaders, is says, but not much going on there now that the specter of bureaucracy commands Leadership take a well trodden path.

11 specialized learning paths
Oppotunity to build over 300 unique skill set competencies…

Wait, there’s more!
Take the Attari challenge, endless levels, countless lessons, miles of video and everything named “Resource”

They-Who-Pretend-to-Lead have mission-creeped so far off the Smedley Smell-O-Meter it’s getting real iffy.

Oh we await the boot but not for licking.

Still, at club level it can’t be beat, just try to avoid the bureaucracy, do the bare minimum, keep head down, don’t make waves cause that’s too just way much leadership and we can’t have that…

who else will monitor your progress step by endless step by step, check here…rules, regulations, parameters to meet, goals to check, what was the idea again?

I wonder what’s in the refrigerator?

What level of pathways should I choose for this opine?

Dynamic Leadership
Engaging Humor
Motivational Strategies
Presentation Mastery
Persuasive Influence
Visionary Communication

How about a 12th category

“I’ll Lead How I Friggin Want”
where we each figure out our own paths, what, who, where and why we want to lead, support our local clubs with our heads held high and still call ourselves Toastmasters.

Here is the simplist form/Resource to make a Toastmaster speech.

After this, you are on your own

We want smart, creative and all that as well that suit her interests, instincts and genetic traits to reproduce a perfect creation from their union.

In a perfect world, settle the F down. Extenuating circumstances abound.

Arranged marriage? Matchmakers? All social engineering attempts to reproduce perfect creation from their unions.

Whether your mother was a star-struck groopie, or married off to some disinterested king, somewhere in that attraction leadership among preferred qualities.

Within her socio-economic and all that BS framework.

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The Theory of Pat is a gradual process which will expand as we work out the mysteries of our past, present and future. We chose to share as we learn and practice how to navigate our own impulsive and irrational thoughts so we may help others better defend against those who work to exploit weakness.
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