To X or Not to X

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That is the Question

Guard Tardegrade

aka How to Chuck-Hole the Self into X-Obscurity

Twitter – now X, our agreed upon, allowed indulgence, now and then invites us to “Promote a Tweet” after which our heart sinks unanomously as the argument forever ensues.
Self asks: “Well – do we wish to promote what is now probably an X?”

We have Questions:

Control: Why spend money on monolithic, marketing, monstronsity of algorithms and A.I. cconcoctions when psyche shadows communicate regardless of skin self.
Chaos: We should, we could get dizzy with money, fame, status, friends.
Growth: Have you seen what these people are like?


Control:  We are content within our means.
Chaos:  Share our wildest dreams and wickedest wiles upon shadows everywhere and release the Kracken!
Growth: And then what? We would be the first to go out by the marauding hoards.

Getting to know ourselvesQuestions

Control: What are our interests?
Chaos: What aren’t our interests?
Growth:  Leave it open, keep them guessing.


Control: Designating interests corralls into clusters of various and nefarious data counters from marketers, spooks, spies and training A.I. replacements.
Chaos: Do anything we want to anyone and not give it a blink as the same applies to them.   No conscience but follow the whims of chaos no lightness too bright no darkness too deep.  Eternal chaos, freedom.
Growth: Chaos says the wrong thing and we get tossed out on our collective ears and banned into the netherworld and lose all we have become accustomed.
Twitter continues to censor some of our posts.  No warning, no notice, just poof tweets disappear immediately after posting.  Who needs that headache?
We can rail here just as easily and the audience is the same.  Few shadows care.

Questions: What is Our Advertising Objective?

REACH? To get more shadows to view our ad? 

What do we say that could be of interest to a mass of already disinterested shadows?  In order to obtain massive interest we would be required to speak of what interests the masses.

Point #1 We are of the shared opinion that what interests Chaos is what in masses are not the least bit concerned.

Politics?  This seems to be all people are interested in recently, but mass interest in politics with team sport sort of loyalty and little concern for platforms and issues is political sport, not administrative leadership.

Control:  Why should we pay to make attachments to icons, names, faces of contacts and develop raport with potentially not human voices.
Chaos: What are engagements?
Growth:  We don’t listen to anything we say ourself so WhyTF would we expect others to listen on an imaginary plain?


ENGAGEMENTS?  Get more likes, re-exes, replies to Xes and links.    

Why? Why? Why?

We don’t listen to the vast majority of what virtual others say, we won’t pay to hear what others say for the most part, so why should we pay to promote stuff – see Point #1?
But thanks anyway, Twitter X, for the generous offer to gang-bang our way into infamy.

Chaos reigns

The whole of Twitter X by sheer number overwhelms comprehension.  Control offers that millions of followers will glean little and use our notoriety as a springboard to their own shadows of Chaos.  Chaos agrees.  There’s nothing that works as efficiently as social networking these days.  If one is not with the system one is an outcast, a rebel, neer-do-well, scofflaw, not in the swim.
Self intrudes, is this not the price of individualism?   We agree.
WEBSITE TRAFFIC?  We don’t possess the funds necessary to rise to the top.  SEO is a scam as surely as any gangster shakedown that ever existed.
Cream always rises to the top, it doesn’t need a boost.
450 million users.

Ask the question

The explosion of chaos times infinite squared combination of possibilities grown exponentially.
  • Are we up to that task?
We ask.  Pay for what?
  • Approval? 
  • Acceptance?
  • Agreement?
What form of attention? 
  • Virtual
  • physical
  • otherwise.

Attention from Whom?

  • friends
  • followers
  • Connection of like-minded people, as in human flesh and blood substance

Attention from What?

  • database
  • algorithm
  • Data collector
  • Spook
  • Spy
  • Spammer
  • Crook
what is the expectation that I pay to promote?
Look what I say, do, think?
KEYWORDS?  How is that an objective?
Too many questions

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