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Decision Grid Intro

What are decisions?

The Shadow of the Internet responds:

  • A conclusion or judgment reached after consideration
  • The act of reaching a conclusion or of passing of judgment on an issue under consideration
  • Firmness of character or action; determination

Decision making occurs whenever the brain processes new information.

decision process

The Brain Never Stops Thinking

This decision grid shows the process flow from input into the brain to output of any form:

  1. External: Imput, Question, Experience
  2. Internal: Memory Recollection
  3. Virtual:  Evaluate and Compare
  4. Physical:  Output, Decision, Opinion

The flow of decision-making starts a moment a question or situation arises to a decision seems to magically appear.

Decisions happen in milliseconds, probably faster…

Decision Grid Lesson Plan Part I: Introduction

Brain Map Meaning of Dog

We had the opportunity to test our DG Theory on a small gathering of Toastmasters.  Our mission was to allow people to experience the process and compare with others upon conclusion of the speech.

Decisions can be influenced by:

  • Personality
  • Mood, Emotion
  • Degree of Complexity
  • Repetition builds habits. Have we been here before?
  • Knowledge
  • Impulse

The question floats into virtual space until the notion is accepted and implants as memory, thought or data, or neglected or regected and forgotten about.

Defined expectations:

We informed 8 individuals that one question would be asked of them.

Provided each of eight individuals one blue and one white 3 x 5 card

Blue card: Once the question is asked, each had 5 seconds to jot a word (or two) , then stop and turn the card over and slide it to the person seated next to them.


  • Write response in one or two words, no more
  • When time expired, turn the blue card face down

We continue to be astounded when entire sentences come back from those shadows who either refuse the leash or simply don’t follow instruction.

Lesson Plan:  First Step. Ask the Question:

What is the Meaning of the Word DOG?

Upon hearing, reading the question, the brain instantly conjures a lifetime of memories gathered for just this purpose.
Stored memories include images, sents, sights, memories or experiences collected since before birth.

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The Theory of Pat is a gradual process which will expand as we work out the mysteries of our past, present and future. We chose to share as we learn and practice how to navigate our own impulsive and irrational thoughts so we may help others better defend against those who work to exploit weakness.
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