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Phoenix Rising
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Is it Impossible to Imagine NonExistence?

We Suspect it is impossible.

Sofie, the rare forest poodle. RIP

While painting butterflies, one dreary, rainy day, our shadows became mesmerized with the rythmic movement of forest trees dancing in the rainy breeze.  It’s not often we get along.

We found ourself wondering about the great mondo-beyondo should there be such a thing, and our possible role in the picture as we refer to ourself as an unbeliever in such fantasies.

We poopoo the idea on its surface and yet, the closer humanity becomes to artificial intelligence and technology the more convinced we become that our value is experimental.  Who is to say what is skin and bones to us is not alien experimental technology in development of artificial intelligence.

Shadows continue to ask

  • What are thoughts?
  • Why are memories?
  • What is the Mondo Beyondo, the Great Unknown

We agree the statistics of actual, physical life after death are zero to none without heroic methods from others.  Therefor we dared imagine our own non-existence in time.

Imagine Non-ExistenceWe concentrated to follow the tunnel in our minds eye as far as to view eternety…

and then we hear our shadows rumbling…

  • Why is is always a tunnel?
  • Can’t it be a tree lined road?
  • a viking ship would be nice with funeral pyre…

We discovered, try as we might, that it is impossible to imagine our own nonexistence.

Of course we could not because Control releases random memories to distract to prevent Chaos from convincing the Self to do something stupid and actually concententrate ourselves to death?  How would that work?  It’s self preservation in action.

Non-Existance, Impossible to Comprehend, We May Only Accept.

85% believersThis one human flaw or should we say god’s programming “quirk” probably explains a lot about why 85% of people believe a god, great spirit, karma exists.

And boy howdy, do we believe.  There are over 4,000 distinct religious sects on the planet, from adherents of one individual to millions.

The big five major relilgions of Earth are Christianity, Islam, Buddhist, Hinduism and Judaism

  • C, I & J – Abrahamic beliefs Heaven after death.
  • B & H – Dharmic beliefs life recycles through Karma

We generally agree it’s turtles all the way down because we, like everyone else on this planet, truly have no idea

Reincarnation seems attractive, but all those rules….

Phoenix RisingDo this, not that or what you do in this life will affect the next.

  • Who says, BTW?  Who came back and ratted out God?
  • Where do these people come up with this stuff?
  • Why should or does what one does in this life affects the next?

At present there are over 8 billion people on the planet.  Statistics show that at least 85% of people believe in some form of spirituality or God.  That’s about 7 billion people all asking for favors which occurs to us that’s a lot of noise for the powers-what-be, should they exist.

In addition to humans, there exists hundreds of trillions of animals, birds, insects with which to deal as potential re-treds for idle souls, so we imagine the rule makers are probably quite busy with requests.

As a rule hating freethinker, and in possession of a personality others might considered physically lazy by some standards, although we prefer the term efficient…’

We also understand we are running headlong into Tarnation if any of these above-mentioned religious rules actually apply.

Take Charge

Before we find ourself playing One-Armed tennis in Tarnation with some Over Active Gung-Ho type for eternity…

We thought we’d, do a little spiritual brown-nosing and help out a bit by doing a bit of research to gain a general idea of acceptable forms with which we could take and be comfortable over the next few go arounds, just to help out the Gods a bit

What exists now in our life that somewhat mirrors our life style now that might comfortably affect our next possible one?

What Type of Human or Animal Could We Be in our Reintarnation?

Don the Science Thinking Cap

Question: Which beasts are most successful survivors that achieve the most benefits through applying as little effort as possible?

Criteria: Physically Lazy Yet successfully Resourceful

Personality Traits:  Sedentary, Mole person, few friends, sarcastic, opinionated, cheap pinch pennies.
Efficient, streamlined, bang for buck…do most possible with least effort as possible.

Sedentary Jobs Include:

Lawyers, paralegal reseach assistants and legal secretaries
Illustrators, graphic artists, writers and architects
Night shift

Creativity occurs in sedentary settings, and we are no exception.  Our daily existence includes:

  • illustrator,
  • graphic artist,
  • writer and researcher

Jobs That Require Little Physical Effort

Many people who seek jobs where you “don’t do anything” are often searching for jobs that require little or no physical effort.

Attractive Jobs for Lazy People:

These include:

  • Food critic
  • Furniture Tester
  • Luxury House sitter
  • Sleep study participant
  • Food taster – What could be better?
  • Beer taster – Great for alcoholics
  • Driver – Be your own boss, look for jobs on other people’s time
  • Professional Cuddler – hmmm
  • Ostrich Babysitter – They don’t do much
  • Chocolate Taster – And other confections, a tastebud dream
  • Professional Slacker – Just hang out and pretend to care.
  • Professional binge watcher – Do that already
  • Data Entry, Programmer – Finger exercise
  • Born Wealthy – Fat chance
  • Artificial Inteligence – getting more possible by the minute

Efficient AnimalsAttractive Animal Free Loaders & Hitchikers

  • Red Billed OxPecker – Hitch hikes on animals for free meals
  • Baby Shrimp
  • Sloth – Sleeps up to 22 hours a day
  • Koala – Sleeps up to 20 hours a day
  • Coocoo – Lays eggs in other bird species nests and flys away
  • Cat – Sleeps up to 16 hours a day
  • Lemur
  • Owl Monkey
  • Pygmy Blue Tongue Lizard – Finds a hole, sticks out tongue in the hopes food will land on it.

Attractive Insect Slackers

  • Tartegrades – Nearly impossible to kill
  • Parasites
  • Fire Beetles
  • Nymphister Kronaurie – Butt Beetle

The conclusion we come to for our final decision as a bucket list for our reintarnation:

Human: Wealthy Mattress Tester

Animal: Sloth or Blue Tongue Lizard

Insect:  Become a world traveler by hopping onto the back of army ants and hang on as a Butt Beetle


Butt Beetles and Arm ants
Hitchikers tourists with free rides






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