Does California Attract Nuts or What?

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The news delivered via Sunday Funnies was a tragic story of an heiress, a grand mansion on 23 ocean-front acres in Southern California…now lies in flux.

Our brain spins to grasp the enormity of this saga.  In our lifetime we will have earned the equivalent of a garden statue in the Le Beau Chateau..  

We are nearing our 72nd year, hoping for 30 more, and, having come to better understand our manner of thought, communication and meaning of chaos…we have yet to be able to fathom ever possessing too much money or wealth.  Not that we would turn down wealth, we simply can’t envision the life.

This story triggered our interest

Waste of a house and property (why we should care eludes us)

What we could have done there over 70 years

the thought of all the money to maintain a mansion and grounds with staff for 70 years.

It’s almost as weird as Winchester House.

Does California attract nuts?

We wonder how could it ever be reasonable and right to allow a family home, much less a mansion sit vacant, unused for 70 years, with regular maintenance and onsite servants.

She lived her life as she saw fit, as she was raised, in her cultural arena and her feet literally never touched the California ground once she purchased Le Beau Chateau, a 52-acre mansion estate in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Poor dear missed her Mother and just couldn’t bear the memories.

We don’t care how wealthy spend money, it’s theirs to spend…but she was a philanthropist recluse… aren’t they all?

It’s just that we’ve a lifetime of inner battles as we learn to fend for ourselves without parents and spouses to survive physically, emotionally and spiritually whilst fending against endless nonsense and endless topics of crisis delivered by politicians, media moguls and marketers who dance to the tune what’s playing.

We are Reminded of the Obligation to pay taxes because it is good for the collective.

We are Reminded of the Obligation to pay taxes because it is bad for the collective.

We are taxed tp prevent the creation of generational wealth because …

  • homelessness,
  • affordable housing,
  • paying fair shares,
  • 86 thousand IRS thugs,
  • French Laundries,
  • deteriorating education,
  • social media censorship
  • rinse-repeat

Ours were the sort of struggles necessary for a Great Unwashed to achieve a modicum of a safe and satisfying retirement

We lived a life of tolerance.

tolerating bad bosses,
tolerating bad husbands,
tolerating mouthy children,
tolerating high interest rates, bad credit ratings, rising costs of goods and services, tolerating periods of zero to no income…

For 70 of our 72 years a tragic tale was unfolding. We had no idea. She just couldn’t bear all those memories…and now a museum and art gallery is in order.

What Should We Feel of this Tragedy?

May we suggest a homeless center?  A mental health center for homeless veterans?

You may begin laughing.

It suddenly feels good to simply not care right now, doesn’t it.  Chaos achieved.

The beautification society is all over this puppy to be sure.

There’s talk of museums, art galleries, expensive resort all the rage to entertain those who may afford to pay to stand in the shadow to admire sheer opulence.


We have Cold and Callous Questions

What are the property and real estate taxes on a 23-acre property, 21,666-square-foot French mansion high on a mesa above Santa Barbara’s East Beach?

What degree of tax deductions is necessary to convince a person to justify languishing in sorrow to the depths of which only the very wealthy and privileged may languish?

How much did other Californians pay per head over 70 years for the tax write off deductions and subsidies for maintenance on an empty mansion with and very contented live-in care takers for basically a life job.

What will it cost tax payers to subsidize a new “because it’s good for us” project?  You know they will…eventually.  Always happens because California attracts nuts.

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The Theory of Pat is a gradual process which will expand as we work out the mysteries of our past, present and future. We chose to share as we learn and practice how to navigate our own impulsive and irrational thoughts so we may help others better defend against those who work to exploit weakness.
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