To Rate or Not to Rate, that is the Question?

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Rate Our Service, Product, Results

ratings bombsDon’t think, just play the game.  That’s the plan.

But we don’t always follow plans laid by others as plans, like rules are made to be broken is the saying but we prefer to use the term improved.

The siren song is tempting.  To receive bad service is the worst compliment a company can visit upon a consumer.

To receive no service is the worst compliment any government agency can visit upon a taxpayer – or any good citizen, non-citizen for that matter.

In the old days, before the Internet, when one wanted to complain to a company, or compliment for that matter, all one had to do was write a well-worded letter, address an envelope and buy a stamp for postal delivery.  Written complaints are very effective communication tools.

The introduction of the Internet effectively destroyed that avenue of communication.  Over the past 25 years, government agencies, businesses alike have increasingly hidden behind inaccessible fire-walls where contact information becomes obfuscated within FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages that go on and on endlessly with ineffective assistance that frustrate more than educate.

Chat & Feedback Features

Ah the Chat…feature…Chaos reminds, is there to elucidate and educate via artificial intelligence.

Where we once were speaking directly to a person in charge, whether by phone, letter or in person, now we have an additional artificial buffer between we and the humans.

Successful Chats are about 50/50 in our experience, and that’s being generous on the plus side as there’s nothing that brings General Kala to the forefront faster than a frustrating experience with a mindless bot… and annoying hold music.

But that’s another story

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

We, (Control mostly) have real issues with lousy service, bad products, false promises and political lies… however.

We agree that should we make any comment good, bad or otherwise, we must take great pains to place the blame where blame belongs and not jeopardize the livlihood of a minimum wage of shadows who are just trying to get through life as best as possible and restricted to simply delivering FAQ responses.

Therein Lies the Situation

Question: Given the proliferation of begging for ratings by virtually every entity from toothpaste sellers to colonoscopy performers.

Which style of ratings are fair ratings?

They ask: What did we like? What did we love? What did we hate? ad nausum…” all so we can apply the answers to your psychological profile and target your weaknesses more effectively.

The appearance of fairness is all important, after all there are shadows who cheat and fluff their own wares, like little Donald Trumps serupticiously blowing their own horns.  Other shadows simply ask for top ratings…or they will lose their jobs, etc, which places us in a positions of potentially lying on the questionaire or feel responsible for someone landing on the unemployment lines.

It is harder now than ever to lodge a serious complaint or even report a technical problem with functionality of a web site.    We say, screw that.  We choose to continue our old ways, but in an upgraded manner – discussed somewhat here

You are not completely without power however as business and bureaucracy have at least one thing in common, they can’t standup to a righteous complaint, which explains all the hiding and obfuscation.

Examples of Survey Questions

We researched for about a minute and a half and located some examples of the questions we are bombarded with 24/7 from every corner of the Globe, and then ripped a few examples:

The Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Often and Always information gathering method, aka “What’s your compulsion level?”.

Never, rarely, sometimes etc...

The psychological approach; Do you Strongly agree, disagree or neither ploy.  What are your politics?  Who do you love?  A good algorythm can doo wonders with this one.

Which store is better?  Where do you do your most spending?  How can we continue to undercut your confidence in your current shopping preferences?

How often do you…?  Help us set the frequency of marketing and advertising to match your minimum of toleration.

And never forget we have choices.  All sorts of choices.

Not our own choices, of course, but choices bound between the bookends of specific selections of services offered.

And let’s not forget the agony ads, the pain pictures.  The “He touched me there,” dolls and the like.

pain ratings

Things to Consider

When completing questionaires, ratings, rankings and answering feedback questions, keep in mind your answers go into the creation of a custom-designed psychological profile, made just for you.  You might ask why, right about now. …actually, you should if you haven’t already.

What Me Worry?

Why should I care?

We are reminded of the literal volly of 400 psych questions we were required to answer so a panel of experts could determine our mental health and competence as to whether we were a candidate for recent weight loss surgery.   Imagine had we not studied for this exam…

What we worry, indeed, for these questions are designed to reach in and extract your inner most thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

As for us, we have decided to not partake in any rating activity unless we are so moved by excellence we can hardly contain our Chaos or pissed by stupidity we must inform “the Cleaner” whose revenge knows no bounds.



















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The Theory of Pat is a gradual process which will expand as we work out the mysteries of our past, present and future. We chose to share as we learn and practice how to navigate our own impulsive and irrational thoughts so we may help others better defend against those who work to exploit weakness.
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