Theory of Our Ancestry

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As we peruse through the footprints left by our anestors we begin to understand why we are how we are, more or less.

It seems we are fortunate that our ancestors kept written records of births, deaths and marriages among other things useful to analysts seeking data.

We also seem to have been well educated, well connected and at times stinking rich.  Wealth, however sadly, seems to have failed to qualify for the trickled down theory.

Castles & Kings

What is Supremacy? Arrogance? Authorative presense?

The question arises after years of semi-regular to sporatic research into our ancestry and wondery over why, if we were raised in relative poverty without support of an extended family, separated from parent as so many other shadows where does the ideal of supremacy take seed?

How does arrogance imbed?

Why are some shadows authoritive while others submissive?

What are we to do with the knowledge that we are mostly abandoned progeny of castles and kings?   While we’ve no physical connection to the social class of ancestors what bred us our inate tendencies remain to lead, instruct and teach rather than obey or submit.

There inlies the problem.  1492 Columbus stumbled upon the Americas, roughly, in service to the Spanish throne.

Snatched from wikipedia

“The first documented settlement of Europeans in the Americas was established by Norse people led by Leif Erikson around 1000 AD in what is now Newfoundland, called Vinland by the Norse. Later European exploration of North America resumed with Christopher Columbus‘s 1492 expedition sponsored by Spain. English exploration began almost a century later. Sir Walter Raleigh established the short-lived Roanoke Colony in 1585. “

The DNA ancestors in our genepool trace directly to co-mingling with royal ancestors, philosophers, inventers and thinker who intention or not contributed to the ideal of America to be an extension of the throne or a reasonable facimili.

Early American settlers were of royal distinction, royal descent, bastards, noble servants, annoying inheriters, employees, all due special favors and rewards in return for services to the King/Queen.  Rewards including land ownership, business rights, holdings, positions of authority and power in return for providing the sub-foundation and structures for the incoming populations.

1775 – 283 Years Later

Descendents of all of the above gather together and agree “We’ve had enough of this”

Revolutionary war and all hell breaks out.

Apparently, nobody really notices language changes.  Each generation develops its own style of communication, mostly just so their parents or authority figures won’t find out, and some of it is guided by social influencers. We suspect most is guided by social influencers such as Noah Webster of Webster’s Dictionary fame.

Webster (1758 – 1843) was a revolutionary who sought American independence from servitude to Europe. He envisioned America as a Utopia, a champion of freedom, cleansed of luxury and ostentation.  Quote:

“America sees the absurdities—she sees the kingdoms of Europe, disturbed by wrangling sectaries, or their commerce, population and improvements of every kind cramped and retarded, because the human mind like the body is fettered ‘and bound fast by the chords of policy and superstition’: She laughs at their folly and shuns their errors: She founds her empire upon the idea of universal toleration: She admits all religions into her bosom; She secures the sacred rights of every individual; and (astonishing absurdity to Europeans!) she sees a thousand discordant opinions live in the strictest harmony … it will finally raise her to a pitch of greatness and lustre, before which the glory of ancient Greece and Rome shall dwindle to a point, and the splendor of modern Empires fade into obscurity.”

and then he set about to purge the English language of all things aristotic, archaic, unAmerican-sounding and otherwise Britishy.

Classifications such as King, Lord, Baron, Knight transform overnight into softer more squishable bureaucratic terminologies

  • President
  • Manager
  • Senator
  • Governor
  • Magistrate ..
  • Sheriff (wait… some things never change at the bottom)

Colour becomes color… why?

and so on.

We’ve held a seemingly inate, immediate arrogant distain for priviledge and royal concepts for as long as we can remember and have puzzled.  Now we find they are we.

2023 – 243 Years Later

Descendents of all of the above gather together and agree “We’ve had enough of this”

Apparently, nobody continues to really not notice language changes.  Each generation develops its own style of communication, mostly just so their parents or authority figures won’t find out, and some of it is guided by social influencers….continues

We continue to ponder why we are how we are.

What would you do in this situation?

A discussion on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter we were privy to entertain the question;

We instantly agree our desire to survive is best assured through full cooperation between the senses.

  • Control to keeps it cool,
  • Chaos seeks resolution,
  • Growth reasons, question
  • Self decides

Self Ultimately Decides

Our response to the platform formerly known as Twitter:

“I am immediately on their side. Rah, rah yea team…till I can finesse my way out of there. But then I’m a survivor.”

Which in retrospect makes us wonder what differences exist when theonly two options are


KowTow slowly delivered ->F


KowTow delivered by angry mob <-T

Could there be a “Then” KowTow Option?

We happily unquestioned our definition of KowTow, which has been “to be forced into submission.” This was our take from childhood, an act intended to humiliate, degrade and ridicule.

The possibility of a “then” option sent Chaos bubbling in conspiracy theories as to why we instantly responded to the question that we would in effect kowtow to exist.

Question: Is instantaneous submission our only first reaction or does it depend upon situation?  Only Chaos knows.

Are we overthinking again. Please.

Curiousity insists a simple research to define collective meaning.

We discover an association of Kowtow and Chivalry

Woe is we. 

Our ancestry is filled with Lords, Ladies, Knights, Sirs, Sheriffs, Barristers, Barons and Baronesses, all skilled kowtowers from waaaay back into ancient history. 

All those centuries of bowing, kneeling, scraping.  The mind wanders.  We live to serve…and yet we seethe.

Discovery of Ancestry Can Be a Bitch

If only Americans knew.

We have relinquish our precious DNA to the ancestry tree to study for posterity our ancestral roots back to the dawning of time, according to Chaos, which is another chapter to come.

Our ancestry brims with Sirs and Knights and other loyal servants to the King(s) and Queen(s).

Jacob Böhme, Gregor Richter and the slipper

Joseph Mulder (Amsterdam 1686): Depiction of a possibly legendary episode in the life of Jakob Böhme. The Dutch caption reads: “Jakob Böhme with the preacher Gregor Richter in Görlitz, who was hostile to him in front of everyone, putting in a good word for a certain young baker from his followers. The gentleman became very angry about this, showed him the chamber door and threw one of his slippers at his head. But the good man meekly picked up the slipper, put it back on the foot of the angry preacher, and went on his way, wishing him every blessing.”

We discover an ancestral root to the First German Philosopher, Jakob Böhme.

Chaos rejoices while the Others sigh knowingly.  This explains a lot.  It seems we come by this affliction of self, inately and naturally through trial and error and natural selection.

It appears our great ancestor philosopher proudly practiced the KowTow, but probably didn’t refer to the act as such, for with Europeans the act becomes Chivalry, a sign of great respect.  Hmmm.  Mother did teach us to curtsy and set proper tables.  A throwback to ancient roots.

The psychology of the act of delivering a slipper to an angry old coot is a quite brilliant survival tactic, especially in 1600’s when “off with his head” wasn’t just an Alice In Wonderland Red Queen threat.   As it turns, our ancestor was hounded by the vicious preacher nearly his entire life over the publication of what were intended to be private writings that his friends and fans spread around enthusiastically with out his permission.

What else are friends for if not to torment and abuse?

Shadows Work Around and Through Limitations

As a child, a female child, we dreamed of adventure as though we were male traveling through stories of the sea, exploration, discovery and open display of talent.  We were not gifted the pleasure of extended family.  No cousins and precious few visits from aunts, uncles or grandparents.  Our youth was spent in the relative insolation of books and crafts, not in socializing or networking.

And, never a mention of any historic ancestor save a mention of Mayflower descendency, farming and alcohol abuse which led to grandpa losing the farm.

John Milton meets GallelioNeedless to say we were astounded to discover fairly heavy-duty players in our past.  We must drop some name, Chaos insists.

  • John Milton, the poet who wrote Pardise Lost and Areopagitica, which basicically states that it is the “right and also the duty of every intelligent man as a rational being, to know the grounds and take responsibility for his beliefs and actions.”

Control feels it is also important to temper this greatness with the discovery of our relationship to a Norwegian Viking named Øystein, Ivarsson Glumra “The Chatterer, The Noisy Earl of Oppland, so here’s that… from the year 810.

The fact we were able to root down that far back into our ancestry serves to reinforce our suspicion that we are all tracked by someone, somewhere.

Our most astounding discovery thus far is the artwork of Jakob Böhme as we see similarities with what we have drawn and painted without the slightest inkling of his existence.

For example. The image below on the right appeared in a dream about 8 years back.  The drawing on the left was made 600 years ago.

Genetic memory?

Like Grand Father like Grand daughter

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