Ancient Alien Astronauts

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Season 16

ChaosAncient Aliens series, 1 Through 19

Chaos convinces Self to finally purchase all volumes of Ancient Alien Astronauts and get it over with.   Control insists the argument remains, why, while the remainder of we agree it’s not that important. 

Control postulates; Why would Growth, Self conspire with Chaos to so blatantly disrespect, to the point of open display, all respectible expert science-minded debunkers of such pseudoscience nonsense to which we claim not to subscribe?

Control asks: Is Self unaware of the myriad of debunkers who shout to the rafters in unison It’s all fake! Stop looking!  Don’t be fooled! A con, a hoax, we have done all the work for you, here, here and here?

We are skeptic, we know publications that refute all AAA claims.  Why would purposely make our own dear friends look bad?

To which Chaos replies, “Let’s get those publications too.”

Because we are atheist, because we have imagination and enjoy using her we thoroughly enjoy toying with impossible scenarios.  We agree there is no harm to entertain notions of aliens in our past, present or future.

We collectively are not only Ancient Alien groupies, we entertain all sorts of quality-made, semi-lucid conspiracy theories as to Earths history…and demise.

What is completely irrelevant to our enjoyment of the shows and other media is whether we collectively believe that AAA theories and conclusions are empirical based science, or built of pseudoscientific jumbo, or bold-face fabrication.

We simply do not care whether the tales are true or false.

Consider daily the sheer number of times our senses get assailed to suspend disbelief?  Every all.

  • News
  • Movies
  • Marketing
  • Politics

process information and make decisionChaos suggests that expert admonishments warning:

  • Don’t look
  • Don’t believe
  • Be Afraid

are reverse psychology tactics to set up proverbial Forbidden Fruits for simpler-minded shadows unaware of their role in social engineerings.

What is that thing that may not be obtained?

  • The Apple?
  • The Ring?
  • Equality?

Grand Distractions

That Earthly “We” have our parasitical sites set upon invasion of space but in a kinder, gentler non-interferency, humanistic, infiltrating though respecting culture until they freely BORG themselves… sort of conquest.

We have no intention of traveling to far away places to personally investigate weird stuff, wild claims and empirically test conclusions.

The luxury of this ability relies upon unlimited funds or financial backers of which we have none, nor want.  Therefor when we relax to watch a documentary film we appeciate those who offer the most joy of discovery to the viewer.

The AAA spin tall tales and at times, raise the thermometer of ludicrous reasoning past the bubbling point.   We wonder of the elevators going to the top and we agree that is unkind.

The discussions invite the audience to join in a discovery of things and spin yarns of fantasy within our own minds.

They allow audience not only the discovery of an unusual and mysterious thing but welcome input, postulation, proposals from the audience all of which encourages imagination which allows the mind to think and reason for themselves whether or not the theories hold water.

Debunking is fine, we approve entirely, go team.

We wonder if such show and tell were solely left to debunkers.  History written by debunkers.   we’d be sitting attentively like dull little children watching endless NPR Climate Change style propaganda being lectured ad nauseum about carbon footprints and the selfishness of man all whilst just trying to sit back, enjoy the great scenery and learn something new, but always, first, last and inbetween we receive a heaping helping of activist Climate Change ideology  to jog us out of our stupor.

Do these people realize how emotionally tiring it is to be lectured when what is needed or wanted is a bit of fun and relaxation.

Yes, a semi-humerous attempt to approach this lack of personality, we were gifted the Netflix “Everybody Hates (someone)” a red-headed dandy who popped into conversations and corrected everyone, and as it turns out, we watched and agreed mostly, but so what?

He was obnoxious and the show was an advertisment for a socialistic utopian society, which is an anathama to the Self entirely.

alien tourist

When we fancy ourself unbelievers in such frivolity as superstition and gods…it seems odd we would be so enamored with this quagmire of fascinating pseudoscientific postulations.
Ah, but these Ancient Alien hucksters don’t discuss superstition as superstition per se but as seeds or kernels of science with ancient origins which have been misinterpreted through ignorance and presented as superstition and mumbo jumbo.

And yes, Control finds the cast of charicters range from musing to hysterical from weird hair to face lift disaster and we enjoy a myriod of opportunities for superior intellectual satisfaction.

“And just where is Atlantis anyway? ” Asks Growth.

We don’t have to believe Gods, spooks or actual space aliens exist to entertain strange notions.   Strange notions find us easily enough.

Skeptic debunking lectures are unwelcome and unnecessary for we as we are adult and don’t need help however, we do appreciate the intent to save us, constantly, from self harm, but we’re  OK.  Keep the publications coming, however, as they are priceless for research when the self independently questions.

That Was Reason Number One

Reason number two.  The airwaves are filled with devisive, hateful and downright creepy happenings.  Politics has evolved into a den of thieves selling access and favors to the highest bidders, buddy to buddy, chum to chum, goon to goon as evidenced clearly and obvious to any thinking soul.

The balance of church and state seems oddly tilted a bit too far for comfort level of the shadows who pay attention.

Emperor Ming the MercilessThere’s just something hinky about Socialist ideology, it seems a bit too tight-assery.  Control with benevolence.  Where have we heard that before?   We are reminded of atrocities in the name of benevolence, executions for ones own good…

We suspect our supreme ruler might have been a socialist before clawing up to Ming Emperors of the Galaxy.  As a youth he may have served popcorn in the movies for tips, he could have been an artist like Hitler and love kittens like Stalin, for all we know.

We weren’t surprised when the Party of Jefferson, thanks to a pseudoscience named Presentism, tossed the founding father out on his ear in 2004.  Dropped him like a hot racist rock, what else could they do?  We may not apply historic distinctions when Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are in sight.  Erase all history.  Wipe slate clean. Start a pandemic.  Lock up dissenters, rule the world.  It’s a brand new day.  We review the platforms on occasion in the hopes sifting through the endless whining and blaming and rambling BS but the mind begins to wander after a mere minutes reading.  Perhaps the intent.  Baffle with BS.

Presentism is among the more obnoxious philosophies  where belief that everyone except themselves were all literally born yesterday.

The taffy-pull of culture has stretched into Pie-In-The-Sky BullS, and grown large enough to dizzy the brain when we concentrate too long.

Double-speak rules the airwaves.  Double speak rules the government.  There is not a media outlet in existence we have come to deduce, that does not encourage shadows to come to their side, what ever that may be.

Reason #3

Self wishes to explain that while we have multitudes of reasons for our actions and inactions, these few we share.  The rest we leave to Chaos and the Cleaner.

We are adult , human and female with children, grand children and so on.

Combined, we are at the basics:

    • Creative
    • Imaginative
    • Intelligent

We learned early to recognize the darkest shadows, intent upon satisfying a perversion toward vulnurability and inflicting harm whether mental or physical.  Some shadows delude their selves into believing their truth is the truth for all.   When such shadows get within grasp of power, we are firm believers in history repeating itself.

We believe our search of our ancestry has revealed much cause for our collective aversion to potential dangers.  Whether our seemingly inate reactions be entirely a result of experience, environment or instinctive, hereditary is unknown and probably unknowable.

We all gain personality traits through genetic disposition and emulation of those people and stimulous closest and available.   From then on personalities continuously change with every learning moment as we yin and yang through relationships.

Family, survival traits, how we relate to others, how we react to stimulous and events, pass along generation to generation as basic blue-prints in our DNA.  What we choose to do with such traits is entirely up t

o the owner.  As fate would have it, humans do not come with owners manuals or instructions to life.

The lessons of life are free to learn and experience fully and no shadow is wedded or doomed to repeat sins of the past.

Cleaner is out to play with Chaos

But as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion would have it, all shadows are born unchangeable, traits ingrained and ready to repeat offend what ever offense is the offense de Jour.

Quite the handy tool for those who live to catagorize.

Yes, catagorized.  Back to the Commuist credo.  “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”

Or as Emperor Ming likes to put it, “They’ll be satisfied with less.”

What Does This Have To Do With Ancient Alien Astronauts?


Sanity amid chaos and unreason.  Recess for Chaos and Cleaner to go outside to play while the grownups do the heavy stuff.  File, do dishes, write, paint read with no interruptions.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think…. It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.”

Emerson explained that to try to “conform to societal expectations wastes one’s energy and genius because “it scatters your force.”

Therefor, we agree lies sanity.

We feel a bit vindicated.

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