The Queen is Dead. Who Will Be Queen?

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Patriarchy is established.  Not endangered species for those in power as is evidenced with existence of all-men’s clubs

OOOO the Horror…Actual Male-Only Clubs?

Did you know that men still have private clubs? …in these Untied States no less.  Chaos truly whishes she’d exploited this option earlier, such is the power of Control.  We wonder, however, all those years fussing over men-only clubs, then all those years of women-only clubs, how is it that feminist politicians like E.Warren, AOC and the B who married her brother not railing to the ceilings to expose these plotters against Democracy.

Where’s Hillarious and Frigia and her loyal band of feminists supposedly speaking for all women?

How has this travesty of male privacy been overlooked for these 70 years since women gained access to male locker rooms…

What will we do if women lose the right to know exactly what males are thinking?

Woe… Gentlemens Clubs USA 

The Queen is Dead.  Who is the New Queen?

Granny ElizabethWe are in fact battling for the Matriarchy.

We have been since the sufferagettes.  Which woman gets to sit at the top and speak for all women.

Who will it be?  WHo are the contestants?


  • Hillary
  • Obama
  • Warran
  • AOC
  • The Richest Women

What are the qualifications?

Which woman will become queen.  The most powerful woman in the world.

We shadows of ancestors know of the intrigue and contests that goes on among and inbetween powerful families, after all, Martha Stewart took a fall and the world of finance is the better for it.

Powerful people keep powerful friends and powerful allies, and make powerful enemies.  The trechary and intrigue in show like Game of Thrones, Cleopatra and other stories and fables aren’t near as interesting until you discover gr grandpa X was knee-deep in the shit and quite possibly a number one trouble-maker.

Ancestry Search Reveals Powerful Women

What qualities make a Queen, a real one, not the royal BS, but a Queen in essence.

  • a female sovereign or monarch.
  • the wife or consort of a king.
  • to reign as queen.
  • to behave in an imperious or pretentious manner (usually followed by it).

Because if that is all it takes to qualify as #1 Bitch of the World, we believe a vote should be cast in our favor.

If enough shadows would trace lineage back to the earliest Queen in history and prove lineage to kingly issues, think of the payout in claims of heritage lost.  There must be millions of bastards by now.

brands of tortureChaos entertains a multitude of conspiracy theorys as we learn of histories of torture and beheadings, wars, persecutions and hoping we are on the good side to discover we were among the primary leaders, movers and shakers and the reasons, rhymes or rationalities become questionable from all sides.

Our expectation of Ancestry

There’s one conspiracy we allow Chaos to entertain.  She can bat it around in the cave with the Cleaner.

Free Americans, other than vague notion of cowboys and indians, wagon trains, farmers and messages of common clave, a drum beat reinforced in media.  Ancient ties to grandeur and royalty, posh history and position-in-life priviledge erodes.  Americans supposedly became equal, somewhat, as a new land grab ensued.

We wonder if the Revolutionary war was actually a benefit to uppers who no longer had to hemorage money to paid out to bastard Governors, Lords, Ladies, Duchesses and Dukes, Lords, Reverends, philosophers and Sheriffs or honor contracts.  Basackwards bankrupcy.  Cut the loss, distance selves from situation, let the winners take all the blame.

That’s Our Kin!

We understand this one.  Distancing.  There’s the trait.  Detachment of loyalties by distance whether through money, power, control or history forgotten.

Now Chaos is in full-on spiracy.  We suggest for amusement shadows contemplate the Greek myth Cronus, king of the Titans, who swallowed his children at birth to prevent one from dethroning him.  But Rhea, his wife, saved the infant Zeus by wrapping a stone in swaddling clothes for numbnuts Cronus to swallow apparently. (WTF – and he was allowed to breed? )

Rhea hid Zeus in a cave on Crete and the rest is history .. ok, fine ” at manhood he led a revolt against the Titans and succeeded in dethroning Cronus, perhaps with the assistance of his brothers Hades and Poseidon, with whom he then divided dominion over the world.”

The point is just because we aren’t aware that we are royalty (what ever that may be) does this ignorance disqualify our rank?  Who do we have to “bl#w” to get anywhere around here, we ask.

The companies that started and ran the slave trade in the 1400’s, many continue to exist in European native lands while those ignorant bastards of kings and queens nicely distanced by the pond conveniently take the fall and pay for the sins of their fathers.

If reparations are to ever be collected shoud it not first go to the English Throne first, it’s the royal trickle-down theory nobody seem to think about but another excuse to rob from the “rich” to give to the poor

And here we thought it was somebody else all this time.

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